Letter From The Editor


Welcome to the very first issue of Back 2 Basic!  I'm your host, Imortis Inglorian!

I felt the need to bring back a great magazine for the BASIC community to share news, techniques, laughs and tears.  Something that we can all point to and say, "I can help the community here."

Back to Basic is not for Advanced level programmers.  It is not for beginner level programmers.  It is for all levels.  Did you just learn your first "Hello, world"?  Tell us about it!  Did you program a full 3D first person shooter with a physics engine and a smooth 60 frames per second?  Tell us about it!  Did you spend twelve hours fighting to fix a bug that turned out to require only a single like of code to change?  Tell us about it.

Others can learn from your experiences, no matter what level of skill is required or what level of embarrassment was suffered.

My motto is:  All Content is Accepted!

I am a strong believer in free speech so when I say all I mean ALL.  Anything related to programming in anyway will be allowed.

This issue has some great content:  Comics, Tutorials, Challenges and even an old article written by the community that was supposed to be a part of the ill fated QBExpress # 30.

 I received more content then I expected.  Thank you all for supporting my magazine.


-Imortis Inglorian


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