Editorial: How to post stuff on this forum and not sound like an idiot

By Oz
Original forum post here.

This is a very official and general guide to posting things on programming forums (specifically this one) and not sounding like an idiot.

  1. This is not twitter, so don't use it like you use twitter. We don't need to know what you're doing, or read your commentary on whatever steps you are doing.
  2. Use the best grammar/sentence structure you can. We all understand that english is not always your primary language, but use it the best you can here. It really helps. Furthermore, be as brief as possible - this makes it easier for people reading your post to find what the problem is and see what they can do to help. Also, don't use weird short-forms/internet slang in a question. If I read a question "how do program freebasic lol?" I would probably question the authenticity of the question.
  3. Always provide the code you are using if there is an error. People cannot magically see your code and know what you're talking about.
  4. Don't hijack threads with stupidity. There is a better website for that, and it's called 4chan.
  5. Do as much problem solving as you can on your own. In many situations, a google search can answer your question, as well as reading the freebasic wiki, or doing some basic trial and error. These are the same steps that people who are helping you are going to take, and it's embarrassing when it's obvious that you haven't taken those steps.
  6. Be willing to learn. Some concepts are hard, but there is never a stupid question if it is asked with sincerity.
  7. Going along with #6, be humble. I've never met someone who knows so much that they can't learn any more. Don't act like you know everything in one thread, then post a very amateur question elsewhere.
  8. 8) Use a relevant topic/subject line. Posting something with the subject "Help!" doesn't help people who read through sections to try and find question they can answer. Summarize your whole post in one question, and I can guarantee a faster response from the community.

I think these are pretty common sense, but lately, I have seen some threads that don't seem to use these common sense rules.

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