Letter from the Editor

Issue #4 has finally arrived.  I am proud to get this out, even if it is a very undersized issue. We have our first ever News section (Thanks E.K. Vertanen).  We have a potentially inflammatory editorial from Artelius. Angros47 submitted part 2 of Retro Tricks. VDecampo shows us how to make VB and FB play nice.  All in all it's a good issue.

I do have a bit of a problem, though.  The reaction I got from Issue #3, by a member of the QB64 forum.  He was upset that the magazine had more content on freeBASIC than on QB64. My official response as editor was this:

"If you want more content representing [insert name of language here], then you need to write about it."

 I will publish what ever is sent my way.  As long as it is BASIC related, it will have a home in Back2BASIC. I don't care it it is an unpopular opinion, crappy MSPaint comic, a work of literary brilliance or a diary on your development of some BASIC project. 

Send us your n00bishness, your fails, your unwashed, undocumented code. All are welcome.

I still have one article that I promised to write before the 1st issue.  And it's probably not going to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside, but it needs to be written.  So look out for that for next issue.  That is a promise.

On a much lighter note:  If anyone wants to write a letter to the editor (me), with complaints, suggestions, rants, raves, sneers or jeers, please do so.  You can reach me at editor@back2basic.phatcode.net

This magazine is only as good as the content I get from you, and so far I am very impressed.  Let's keep the good stuff coming!  Let keep the community engaged!

Let's agitate the hell out of the water of complacency!  Let's get out there and write, draw, code, and innovate!

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