Letter From the Editor

Wow...  It's has been a very long time, huh.  Almost a year since the last issue.

Things have calmed down a bit in my life and I have a bit more free time that I did previously.  I am going to give this thing another try.  I will be trying some new things:

  1. There is a Back2BASIC Style Guide as a helper to people that want to contribute.
  2. I am going to be taking article and editorial suggestions, and will work on those personally if I am able, or try to find a few community experts on the topic and see if they are willing to work on the topics.
  3. I will release an issue, no matter home much content I get.  If it's a really short issue, it is a short issue.

With all that said, I still will need YOUR help.  This cannot happen without readers, writers and commenters.

I still owe you guys an article that I promised last time.  I will do my best to get that thing finished.

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