We have some sad news from

On date 31 July, 2010, I sent a mail to Roberto Viola, author of SDL Basic; I got an answer on 1 August 2010.

My mail was:

"Per caso, sei l'autore di SDL Basic (

Lo chiedo perchè ho visto il sito, mi sembra un progetto interessante."

(translation: Are you the author of SDL Basic? I'm asking that because I looked at your site, it looks like an interesting project)

The answer was:

"si sono io

E' un progetto morto purtroppo

non sono in grado di portarlo avanti

non riesco piu'..........

cmq è opensource e aspetto che qualcuno se ne faccia carico o faccia una fork"


"Yes, I am.

It's a dead project, sadly. 

I'm not able to go ahead 

I can't anymore.... 

anyway, it's open source, and I'm waiting somebody who is going to take it over, or make a fork."

So, I can confirm the rumors: SDL basic is abandoned, and waiting for a new developer. Is anybody interested?

Thanks for the info. Any takers?

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