Letters to the Editor

algPoS is a small independent EPoS company based in Northampton, England. we started off a few
years ago with a EPoS application written in Visual Basic 6 Enterprise and it was slow on
older hardware

when the credit crush stuck I took it upon myself to find a way to still stay in business so
we started to look at second hand older equipment

To my horror none of the hardware could handle Windows and Our software (it could do one or
the other) and that was when I thought “How about DOS” so we started to do a PDS version of the
software need to say we ran into the 640KB Barrier Very quickly

I thought we would not win until I Google Free BASIC and then the FreeBASIC website loaded and
it was like a god send with JUST one source file we can not only support our windows customers we
can now support Pure DOS machines as well as Linux (experimental at the moment)

and now algPoS has expanded our product range with new software and services all thanks to FreeBASIC

There are even plans to expand the company into the USA

Andy Gable
algPoS owner and software designer

Thanks, Andy, for this note.  It is cool to see notes like this, because they gives us an idea of how important our hobby can be to others. 

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